4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Getting new windows will increase your house’s curb appeal meanwhile maintaining your home’s safety. However, it’s sometimes hard to determine when the right time is to replace your windows. Most people will change their windows whenever they notice that they have become creaky and broken. But, sometimes the signs aren’t obvious or we just don’t pay special attention to them to upgrade our windows.  

Here is a list of 4 basic signs that Arqa’s specialists compiled to show you when the right time is to replace your windows. Let’s dive into each one of them.

You Feel a Breeze

In colder seasons, go and stand by your windows. Do you feel a breeze? Touch the window and window sill. Is it cold? If yes, these signs show that your windows are poorly insulated as they have tiny holes that need to be sealed up. Drafty windows have an impact on the temperature of your home. Over time your old windows become drafty and allow the warm air to escape from your home, letting the cold air in during winter. The same will occur during the summertime with your AC unit, leading to high energy bills. 

Older windows are often single-paned and susceptible to leaks, while newer ones are more energy-efficient and engineered to keep air from leaking into and out of your home. You should replace your old windows with ones that have argon gas and Low-E glass to reduce the heating and cooling costs. 

You Hear The Outside Noise

The next sign that you should consider is the outside noise. Do you hear every sound coming from the street very clearly inside your home? If yes, you should upgrade your windows because excess noise is a sign of poor insulation and shows that your windows aren’t sealed well. Modern windows that contain argon gas can decrease the outside noise and absorb sound waves, providing quiet and relaxing living spaces.

Moreover, most old windows have balancing issues that create difficulty opening and closing your windows. You can even have difficulty locking the window, which causes safety and security issues. These are the signs showing that your windows aren’t operating and insulating properly, and it’s the right time to upgrade them. 

Your Window Frames Are Damaged

When your window frames are cracked or damaged, you need to replace them. Over time, your windows become older, and because of extreme weather conditions, they can have broken glass, cracks, chipping, decay, etc. Besides decaying window frames, you may see that your windows are leaking, leaving water on the floor. The moisture will cause mold growth, creating safety issues and disturbing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Leaking appears because of poor installation and failing seals. 

Moreover, you will have a major issue if your window panes are cracked. They can cause even more serious issues affecting your home’s energy efficiency. Thus, upgrade your windows with new ones whenever you notice that your windows are decayed, and they leak. 

You See Fog And Condensation On Windows

You may notice that fog and condensation appear between your windows’ glass panes, especially during cold weather. These are the signs of failing seals that allow moisture between the glass panes, leading to condensation. To prevent your windows from becoming too leaky, you should replace your windows with energy-efficient ones. 

Now you know all the vital signs that can help you determine that it’s time to replace your old windows.

Let’s see the major benefits of upgrading your old windows with new ones:

  • They provide and improve home safety and security. 
  • They increase home value.
  • They reduce noise. 
  • They increase your savings.
  • They lower energy consumption. 
  • They make it easy to clean the windows.

Arqa is always here to provide you with energy-efficient windows that will cut your heating and cooling costs, meanwhile providing your home’s safety and aesthetic look. Browse the selection today and make your home more secure and comfortable.