5 Best Window Types for Modern Homes

Choosing the right window type for your modern home can be difficult sometimes. Windows stand for the appearance of your home making it seem more appealing and aesthetic. 

While thinking of purchasing windows that complement your modern home, you can opt for Arqa whose highly skilled specialists will help you make the right decision.

Here are 5 window types that you can consider buying for your modern homes.  

Specialty Windows

The first type of windows modern homeowners should consider are specialty windows. These windows have unique shapes starting from circles, triangles, octagons, arched to chord, quarter circle, and pentagon. The windows make dark rooms come into life and enhance the look of your home.

Also, they come in various styles, making it easy to fit them with your home’s architectural design. Specialty-shaped windows are relatively untraditional and not found in every home. Your home will certainly be special and unique if you include several specialty window shapes. You can even opt for one large circle window that will be like the statement piece of your home. Let your imagination run free with these custom shapes. 

Skylight Windows

These windows are installed into the roofline. They can come in fixed, venting, and other types. A fixed skylight helps get natural light into your room, however, it cannot be opened while the venting skylight can be opened for ventilation. You should only choose whether it’s going to open manually or automatically.

These windows let fresh air and natural light enter into the darker and not well-ventilated areas of your home, such as hallways. The windows come in various sizes and help you see the natural colours of the beautiful sky. These windows provide solar heat gain, and you should consider setting them up in the right place.

For example, a north-facing skylight provides cool and constant sunlight, a south-facing one provides solar heat in winter, a west-facing skylight provides afternoon sunlight, and an east one —  morning sunlight. The windows are a great choice for modern architectural design by adding a unique touch to your home.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are one of the best types to choose for your modern homes. These windows are comfortable and versatile for modern homes as they are hinged on the top frame. You can open these windows from the bottom and let fresh air and light enter your home.

Awnings’ design is ideal for proper ventilation, and they protect your interior from the rain because the windows open in an outward direction. Awnings come in fibreglass, vinyl, and wood materials, and they are an excellent fit for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and dining rooms. If you need excellent ventilation and light in your home, then choose these windows.

Sliding Windows

The next popular type of window that can complement your modern home is sliding windows. These windows open horizontally and let fresh air enter into a room without any pushing. They are popular in modern-style homes and come in fibreglass or vinyl materials. If your house has limited space, needs sufficient lighting and ventilation, then these windows are an excellent choice for modern and minimalistic homes.


Now modern homes require larger windows that span the entire height of the wall to let natural light into the home. Big windows make your room seem larger as they increase the flow of natural light and make your home seem brighter and more appealing both from inside and outside. Floor-to-ceiling windows showcase outside scenery and surroundings helping you enjoy the natural beauty. They add architectural character to your home, improving its curb appeal. 

Choose which window type is your favourite one and browse the selection today. Keep in mind that Arqa specialists are always there to help and guide you in making the right decision.