5 Less Common Door Styles To Try Out

The first thing many people think of when hearing the word “door” is a rectangular slab of material. We know the typical beige, brown, or white doors with glass accent pieces all too well. If you want your entryway door to be anything but common in its style, then there’s still endless options for you to try out. Want your door to be a statement piece instead of just a standard door? Then try out these 5 types of doors that will do the trick and ensure your door is the most unique one on the block.

Experiment With Size

We initially think that all doors are cut equally, but in fact, doors range from extremely wide to extremely slim. If you have double doors, the entryway is wider. You can even opt for a narrow and tall door if you have high ceilings. Often, homeowners choose a door according to the existing entryway size, but it’s possible to adjust within the framework of your home renovation project if you’re changing your door anyway. Slim and tall doors are among the least common types since these types of doorways are less commonly found. That is due to the fact that most ceilings are either low or medium height and not very tall, but if your space allows it then you’ll certainly have a unique door if you opt for a taller one.

Experiment With Patterns

Your door can still be completely unique even with a traditional shape and size. You can find or custom order doors that have patterns either carved or painted on them. If you don’t want a simple solid door or one with glass elements on it, then this is a simple yet creative style for having a one-of-a-kind entryway door. It can also be a potential DIY project if you want to revamp an existing door. You save on the cost of installing a new door and use your current one as a foundation. 

Experiment With Colors

Colorful doors are certainly a lesser common style of doors in most parts of the world. Black, beige, white, and brown are by far the most common door colors you’ll see around the world. If you want your entryway door to stand out, then opting for a bright and eyecatching color is certainly the way to do it. You can go for the entire door in one bright and lesser common color or a combination of different colors.

Experiment With Materials

Most doors you’ll find when scrolling through a home improvement catalogue are made of fibreglass and steel. However, there are other materials of doors that are less common and unique. Fully wooden and glass doors are great examples of door materials that you’ll find less often. Regular doors with glass elements are more common, but doors that are primarily made of glass aren’t found in homes often. That is because both fully wooden and glass doors are often considered less practical. Wooden doors are prone to deforming especially when exposed to cold and wet climates. Glass doors are more stable but often propose a privacy and security concern if the glass isn’t tinted or secured with a gate. Despite this, fully wood and glass doors are still viable options for doors that are ideal to consider if you’re looking for something outside the box and are prepared to go the extra mile for it.

Experiment With Shapes

Last but not least, you don’t need to settle for a rectangle-shaped door if you don’t want one. If anything, you can find doors as creative as circular doors as these adorable, underground cottage doors. For everyday homes, these doors are evidently not practical. However, you can still find arched doors that are slightly sloped at the top or even have a sharp point. Transoms and sidelights can also affect the overall look and feel of a doorway, changing it completely from just the initial door. Just take a look at Moroccon or middle eastern-inspired doorways for inspiration. 

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