5 Reasons Every Bathroom Needs At Least One Window

5 Reasons Every Bathroom Needs At Least One Window

Bathroom windows are quite often an underrated component when it comes to bathroom design. Once you experience the wonders that even a small bathroom window does for your space, you’ll never imagine a bathroom without one. Whether you’re thinking about possible home improvements or building a new house from scratch, here are 5 reasons why a bathroom window is an absolute necessity to include on your list.

Reducing Condensation

To reduce condensation in the bathroom after someone has taken a warm shower, you need available options for that air to exit the room. An effective way to do this is by opening a window which will help speed up the process. As the damp air exits the bathroom, the water in the atmosphere is reduced. This is not only helpful at the moment but for the long-term prevention of mold growth in the bacteria that are directly caused by condensation build-up.

Improving Ventilation

Bathrooms are certainly one the most important rooms in the house regarding ventilation. We all know the feeling of a stuffy bathroom, even when unpleasant odors are not present. For this reason, we recommend installing windows that have the option of opening as opposed to fixed windows, especially if you’re only settling on a single window for the room.

Natural Source of Light

As much as natural light is appreciated and favored across all other rooms of the house, it’s also preferred for the bathroom as well. Many will agree that spending time in the bathroom regularly under the dull fluorescents is uninviting. Whether or not the direction of your outer wall for the bathroom faces direct sunlight, any light will brighten the space more than artificial light will.

It’s Cost-effective

Believe it or not, window installations are on the low-cost end of the spectrum as far as home improvements go. You can get the entire project done for anywhere from $300 to $800. It’s certainly not one of those projects that you need to put off for later simply for financial reasons.

Enlarges the Space

Windows in the bathroom act as a bridge between indoor and outdoor, which is why many people will agree that they make the space seem bigger. This is especially true when you have larger windows or ones that span from the floor to the ceiling. Don’t worry about privacy concerns since there are a variety of options available that resolve this issue. You can opt for textured or obstructed glass windows and even tinted glass. Combine it with a nicely sized mirror and the room will instantly look and feel less cramped. 

Best Type of Windows for Bathrooms

Can’t imagine what types of windows will look best in a bathroom setting? Here are a few of the most common and favored styles around:

1. Awning — these are some of the most common bathroom window styles you’ll find, especially for smaller spaces. Besides the fact that they can be custom-sized to fit the smallest of bathrooms, they can easily be installed in the upper corners of the room to not take up any wall space.

2. French casement— French windows are favored for their elegant touch to a room that transports you to the French Riviera. They are optimal for medium to large bathrooms where you have enough room to open both windows and let the fresh air in.

3. Horizontal sliding —  the shape of these windows is perfect for placing above bathtubs to provide access to natural light without sacrificing privacy during bathing. Plus, they are great if you don’t have space or a window that opens inwards or outwards.

Summing Up

Whether you’re opting for a single, small window in the corner or floor-to-ceiling windows in the bathroom, it’s ideal to have at least one in each bathroom of your house. Windows in the bathroom work wonder for providing natural light and ventilation along with decreasing condensation with ease. It’s certainly an upgrade worth making if you have the space to do so.