5 Tips for Choosing Your Interior Doors

Interior doors play an essential role in providing privacy, a quiet atmosphere, and, of course, the design of your home. They separate rooms from each other and create the framework for your personal space. Interior design highlights your preferences and personal taste, and doors are one of the first elements that you and your guests notice when coming inside. Your interior doors should be pleasant to the eye with good functionality and high quality.

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Here are 5 tips that you can consider while choosing your home doors:

Match With The Rest of Your Home

The first feature that you should take into account while purchasing an interior door is your home’s style. Doors give character and an overall look to a room. There are many types of doors to select, so make sure you pick one that complements the rest of your home’s decor. Doors can be divided into different groups: contemporary, classic, eclectic, craftsman, and more. 

If your house style is modern, you should choose an interior door that’s contemporary as well. When you end up selecting an interior door style, it is also good to pay attention to the style of the door handles. Here are some helpful tips you can consider while selecting handles:

  • Consider your home style
  • Match with your room design
  • Think of your budget allowance
  • Think of durability and security

Think of Size

It is essential to consider the size of your interior door before buying it. You should take into account three parts while measuring the size: top, middle, and bottom. In Canada, the standard size of interior doors is a minimum of 80” height, and the average width is between 24” and 36”. While choosing your interior door size, you should also think of your interior space. As a good rule of thumb, interior doors open into the room. However, there are many exceptions, as the buyer should take into account some essential factors. For example, the kitchen and bathroom interior doors should open outward because these are two of the dangerous places, as a person can faint in a bathroom and block the entrance, or there might be a fire in the kitchen. It would be difficult and slow to open the door inward. 

Generally, you can install your interior door in any direction you want, as long as you consider where you have more space. For smaller areas, you can install pocket doors or bifolds. 

Consider Door Materials

Interior doors can be made of hardwoods and softwoods. Denser woods can make the room noise-free. If you’re a person who loves silence in a room, then you can consider thicker materials. There are various types of door materials such as metal, solid wood, MDF, hollow core doors, glass, etc. While choosing door material, it is crucial to research materials and find out what best fits your interior decor and preferences. 

Think of Light

You should also think about whether you like glazing or not. If you want natural sunlight to enter your room and create a brighter atmosphere, then you should consider glass material. Otherwise, choosing a solid material will maintain privacy and security. Generally, it is good to allow more light to flow into the kitchen and living rooms. 

Keep Consistency

Last but not least, keeping consistency in selecting interior doors is one of the most crucial factors. Consistency works towards maintaining an overall aesthetic look to your home, making you feel calm and happy. While choosing several interior doors, you should be consistent; that does not mean choosing the same door for every room. It means that your interior doors should have at least one thing in common —  it could be colour, finish, style, and material. For instance, if you choose an interior door in a light wood tone, be consistent with other doors as well. 

Before choosing your interior door that will match your home decor, you should research indoor types, door styles, your preferences, and budget allowance. 

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