5 Unique Window Shapes To Consider That Aren’t Rectangular

Square and rectangular windows are staple pieces in exterior design, but that isn’t where the line of creativity needs to be drawn. Many people may be intimidated by opting for shapes outside of the norm but in reality, unique window shapes don’t need to be anything wild. Even the smallest touches out of the ordinary can add curb appeal to your house. Here are a few shapes to consider for your next renovation project or new home design.


Arched windows are the ideal choice if you want a window option that is not a clear-cut quadrilateral. They are easy on the eye and match with a variety of design styles varying from traditional to cottage. The only style they aren’t all that compatible with is ultra-modern or minimalistic. One of the greatest opportunities arched windows have to offer is their versatility of style. You can have long arched windows that span from the floor to the ceiling or short ones. Also, you can choose a square window and have an arched section added to the top of it without the entire window itself being an arch. 

Octagon or Hexagon

Windows in this shape are quite unique and are difficult to use across the entire house. However, they make for beautiful accent windows in the attic, basement, or bathroom. The best part is that you can customize the glass to be completely transparent, include grilles, or have an ornate glass design. All of this is customizable according to the style of your house. Some may agree that they are reminiscent of a nautical style, which is why they work great on beach houses or summer homes. 

Slanted or Sloped

Windows with a sharp slant can certainly be a statement piece for your house. However, you can customize them to be as dramatic or toned down as you prefer. Slant-shaped windows range from anything that resembles a triangle to a trapezoid. They are best for pairing with walls that are not fully straight from the floor to ceiling. For example, if you have walls that become narrower the farther you go upward to form a triangle, then slant windows will compliment these areas of the house. 


Fully circular windows are similarly an eye-catching shape for windows and can be dotted around the house as long as they aren’t too overpowering. It’s best to maintain distance between circular windows instead of installing them close together as you would with floor-to-ceiling windows or rectangular ones. Or you can choose to add one large circle window over a room with a view. As unexpected as it may seem, circle-shaped windows can be ordered to have either open or fixed glass. Similarly, you can customize the size of the circumference of the circle to be small enough for the attic or large enough to open up to an entire room. 

Summing Up

Untraditional window shapes can subtly add a touch of personality to your home. Before opting for standard, four-cornered window shapes, take a good look at all of your options to ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to take the design of your house to the next level. We hope this helps make your next decision much easier, but if you still have your doubts about what shape of the window to opt for, you can always reach out to Arqa.