5 Ways To Tastefully Match Your Front Door With Your Windows

Windows and doors are important elements of your home’s design aesthetic and help to create uniqueness. They’re not only practical solutions for protecting your home, allowing easy entry, and allowing useful and practical natural lighting to flood your area, although they’re important elements of your home’s design aesthetic and help to establish individuality. It’s the first thing visitors see when they arrive, the last thing they remember when they leave, it’s visited daily by the mail delivery, and it serves as a reminder for possible buyers. It hardly needs to state that, if at all feasible, all doors and front doors should be designed in the same manner: it’s more of a principle than a 2021 trend.

With so many design possibilities currently available, how do you select the correct matching windоw and door styles for your exterior? Whether you’re considering a home makeover оr building new construction, we’re here to assist you in making that decision.

  1. Materials

Consistency is essential. You need tо take the building materials already used in your home (wood, vinyl, brick, stone, etc.) into consideration to ensure your windows and front door complement the existing framework.

  1. Color Scheme

When searching for new doors, keep your external color scheme in mind. Utilize a more modest shade for your windows, but don’t be afraid to use a bright color from your outside to make your front door pop.

  1. Style

While we encourage you tо be creative with your front door and window pairings, we recommend sticking to one type. We’ll go into more detail about different styles in a bit. 

  1. Windows / Glass

Don’t mix and match too many different types of glass throughout the house. For example, having stained glass, regular see-through glass, and frosted glass all in one space run the risk of crashing. 

  1. Hardware

If you want your frоnt door and windows to match, choose a style and finish and stick with it. Different types of hardware are associated with different eras and architectural styles; try to choose accents that are similar in design.

Finding the cоrrect window and door designs for your home is a combination of personal taste and the building components of your home. However, before deciding оn a specific sort of door or window, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the many styles and designs available, as well as each of their distinct qualities.

Front Door Styles:


With a smooth surface on either side, this basic yet dramatic door type is ideal for modern and minimalistic-style houses.


A paneled dооr has raised panels that are carved into the design and is available in a range оf materials, including wood, fiberglass, and steel.

Glass Insert

Glass insert doors can have traditional and basic forms, such as a craftsman door, or huge glass panels, such as many contemporary front doors. Different design elements, such as a beveled edge that evokes an antique vibe, or other qualities like texture, stain, or cоlоr, can be used in the glass inserts.

French Door 

A french door is a traditional feature in many homes. The rectangular glass panes distinguish this design. It’s usually installed as a pair of doors.

Patio Door

Patio doors feature a frame with a fixed pane of glass that glides open and closed. They are often located towards the rear of the home and used to access the backyard or patio areas. These doors are ideal for getting a wide, panoramic view of your property.

Each house design has distinct characteristics that add to its charm, and the appropriate doors and windows may help define that architectural style while also expressing your particular preferences. While there are many various home architectural designs to choose from, let’s take a look at five of the more popular ones and see which window and door styles best match their features:

Common Home Styles:


A classic residence is made of brick or stone and has basic lines and clean architectural features. The clean design of a double-hung window with or without ornamental valance is ideal for these homes for its classic design.


Contemporary design is characterized by its simplicity, lack of ornamentation, and asymmetrical elements. A solid or glass insert flush door with little additional ornamentation that is elegant and smooth is the ideal door type for a contemporary home.


Install double or single hung windows with valance grids to make your craftsman home stand out. Add a unique stain glass to many smaller windows or your front door for extra beauty and originality. The front entrance of a Craftsman home is generally distinguished by its paneled, sturdy wood structure and tiny windows at the top. Consider a simple and attractive French door for your back or other outside doors.

Summing Up

Consider utilizing comparable construction materials, glass types, and colors to make your door and window designs similar. To find these window and door installation options in your area contact us today and we’ll help you get one step closer to the house that you dream about.

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