6 Best Window Types For Cottage-style Homes

Cottage-style homes are straight out of a storybook with their gabled roofs, quaint porches, and sometimes even stone exterior walls. While we’re living in a modern world, cottage-style homes are still quite relevant in exterior design. In fact, they are increasing in popularity again. Are you thinking of building a cottage-style home or completely transforming an existing property in this style? Then you’ll certainly want to invest in windows that seamlessly fit with the aesthetics of this style.

Single Hung

A single hung window has a fixed upper sash and only an adjustable lower one that typically slides vertically to provide ventilation. Single hung windows are among the most common window types you’ll find on cottage-style homes since they capture the essence of the style quite accurately. Cottage-style windows are also known for having a shorter upper sash and a longer lower one. This is something you can consider when shopping or placing a custom window order. Single hung windows are optimal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. 

Picture Window

The main premise of picture windows is to provide a clear look at the picturesque view outside (hence, the name). These types of windows have fixed panes which means they do not open and close and you’ll more commonly find them made of solid wood. Additionally, picture windows for cottage-style homes are best when they have grilles as opposed to clear glass. If you’re worried about the fact that these windows don’t open, install them in spaces in the house that do not necessarily require ventilation. They are great for hallways, at the front of the house, overlooking the backyard, and so on. 

Bay Window

A bay window is the perfect accent window for a cottage-style home, especially if you have a larger space to work with. Bay windows shine just as much in bedrooms as much as in living rooms and dining rooms. Having too many bay windows on one house is overwhelming, but adding one or two as an accent will certainly make space feel more connected to the outside.

Arched Window

Arched windows are typically arched at the top of the pane while the rest of the window can vary in design. You can have an arched picture window or a fixed element and an open-element. Also, you can have a flatter curve or a sharp one. In brief, there are endless design choices you can make with arched windows and they’ll all fit with the cottage-style design quite well. Plus, it will add a unique edge to your home to contrast all of the straight lines. 

Diamond Muntin Windows 

At this point you’ve surely noticed a pattern – the majority of windows have grilles on the glass instead of solid glass. This is because grilles and muntins are essentials when considering windows for cottage-style homes. They provide the quant, secluded countryside feel that this style of homes should have. For this reason, selecting a solid window and adding diamond muntins either partially or entirely across the window are a great choice for this style. 

Casement Window

Casement windows are attached with hinges and typically open to each side. These windows are more commonly installed in pairs or a combination of three next to each other. To stay true to the cottage-style, don’t forget about the grilles and muntins!

Summing Up

Depending on the number of rooms in the house and how many windows the house will need in total, it’s best to mix and match a variety of the window types we listed above. Opt for a fixed-pane picture window in rooms where you don’t need as much ventilation, a bay window for a large living room, and single hung windows for the bedrooms. Find all of these windows and much more at Arqa. Contact us today and we’ll help you get one step closer to the house that you dream about.