6 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Christmas is on its way and magical days are coming. It’s time you start to think of some ways to decorate your house to bring that outside magic into your house as well if you haven’t already. You hang stockings, put up a Christmas tree, wrap lights around your tree, and feel like everything is already complete unless you leave your home and see that outside of your house is not as festive. When you decorate both outside and inside of your home, you feel like a character of a fairy tale and believe that your wishes are going to come true in the upcoming year. 

To convey warm emotions to you and your guests, you need to improve your home’s curb appeal by decorating your windows and doors. We have your back as we’ve put together 6 unique ways to decorate your windows and doors this holiday season.

Window Decorations

You know how important it is to decorate your windows during Christmas, as it’s a decoration both for inside and outside of your home. Your windows are like your eyes, you see outside from there and it needs to be pleasing as bypassers see your “eyes” as a representation of your home. Let’s dive into 3 unique ways to adorn your windows.

1. Christmas Card Garland With Greenery

This is an interesting way to show all the Christmas cards that you’ve got at your home. You can take twine and hang cards on it using mini clothespins. This DIY garland with the kindest wishes will warm your day up every time you look at them. You can even use this to decorate your walls.

And you can hang greenery above the garland. All you need is to bring branches from outside. You can dress the greenery by using a red ribbon to display your adorable ornaments or pine cones. 

2. Many Many Many Lights

Do you love lights? These are the first things that you use to decorate your home. And these are the warmest ornaments of Christmas you can use to decorate both outside and inside. The warm colours of lights against the outside cool colours create a contrast making you feel both warmth and freshness. 

Pair dangling curtain lights with a mini wreath and make your windows sparkle. You can think of hanging a curtain of star-shaped lights, bringing a festival mood to your home. You can also put candles or all-white ornamental branches on your windowsill. 

If your window is built into the wall, use twinkling lights to make it stand out. 

Decorate your windowsill with string lights, pine cones, garland, baubles, and candles. Create a glow by putting a small lantern.

3. Create a Starry Night

Use wood, metal, and paper stars in different sizes and shapes to hang over your windows, using twine. For a festive touch, a simple star-cut-out garland can be hung on the top of your window. 

Door Decorations

Now it’s time to start decorating the outside of your house — the front door. Here are some special ways to decorate your front door.

1. Ice Skates

Hang a pair of old ice skates and dress them up with evergreens and silver ornaments. You can also pair ice skates with a wreath. Or string them with a Christmas ribbon and put pine boughs and pine cones inside. This beautiful decoration can make your house welcoming as it will bring the breath of fresh air and the mood of warmth.

2. Alternative to Classic Wreath

If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional Christmas wreath, check these versions out:

Basket Wreath – You can use a trapper basket and put the assortment of twigs, fruits, flowers, or leaves inside it. You can even use an old plaid bag filling it with faux crabapples and fresh greens. 

Gift Wreath – Take a foam wreath and use hot glue to attach gift bows and larger gift boxes, ensuring that between them there is a space. Use more bows and small boxes of gifts to fill in empty spaces and create a gift wreath.

Potpourri Wreath – Again take a wreath form and attach large pieces of potpourri to it by using hot glue. When they dry, repeat the same process with medium-sized pieces, keeping even space between them. Then fill in empty spaces by attaching small pieces of potpourri there. Hang your wreath by looping a ribbon through it.

Snowball Wreath – Using hot glue, attach styrofoam balls in various sizes to a wreath form. When the glue is dry, put a bow on it and hang using a wire or ribbon.  

3. Festive Hanger

You can instantly bring Christmas cheer to your neighbours with only a few wooden letters put up on your front door to spell out common holiday phrases like “Joy” or “Ho ho ho”, etc. It can be written horizontally or vertically, depending on how you want. If you think of putting the letters side by side then you can also put a red ribbon above it. 

Now you know some unique ways to decorate your windows and doors to bring the Christmas merriest mood to your home. Choose your favourite way of decoration and increase your home’s curb appeal. 

Happy Holidays from Arqa.