How to Make Your Glass Doors More Private

Glass doors are aesthetically pleasing additions to any home that also let in a significant amount of natural light to brighten the space. Whether the front entry door is made of glass or the ones leading to balconies and the backyard, they are also a privacy concern for many homeowners. Not many people enjoy the idea of any passerby being able to peek into their homes which is why several see-through glass doors are often found on homes in secluded areas or ones with high gates. But what if we told you that you can enjoy all the advantages of glass doors without compromising privacy? Let’s look at some simple ways to make that possible.

Add Blinds

Blinds and curtains are some of the easiest fixes to establish privacy in your home whether they are attached to a window or a door. For your entry doors, blinds are an optimal choice since they stick directly to the door and you do not need to move it to the side each time you want to use the door, as you would do with curtains. You’ll simply twist the blinds open or closed depending on how open you want the view from the door to be. Even when the blinds are fully open, their individual lines still create difficulty for others looking into the house from the outside as opposed to a fully transparent glass. For sliding doors, it’s best to look into hanging curtains along the same wall for more efficiency and comfort of use. But what if you have a very modern or minimalistic home and don’t want curtains? That isn’t the one and only solution to your privacy issue, rest assured. We have more options for you to consider. 

Opt for Darkened Glass

Darkened glass is an ideal way to implement full glass-paneled doors into your space along with providing a sense of privacy. The extent of the darkness is often up to your choice as you can opt for a mere greyish coverage to a black coating that is nearly opaque. The primary disadvantage of darkened glass is they typically limit the amount of natural light that shines in, making the room inside relatively dimmer than with fully transparent glass. 

Use Window Film

What if you already have glass doors throughout your house and don’t want to initiate another renovation project for darkened glass? You can find specialized window films, also referred to as window wallpapers, from home renovation stores to apply directly to your windows. Those window films come in a variety of styles and coverage types. You can find anything from window films that have a colorful design that mimics stained glass to ones that simply add an extra layer of opaqueness to the window to not make it as transparent as before.

Make Use of Textured Glass

Last but not least, many homeowners agree that textured glass provides you with the best of both worlds. You get the bright incoming light and no visibility into your house with textured glass on the doors. The distortions on the glass make it difficult for outsiders to determine anything but shapes and shadows when looking in. There is a vast array of textured glass in the market ranging from frosted glass to intricately designed glass panels.

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