Inswing Versus Outswing Doors: Which to Choose?

When we open and close doors, especially in the home, we don’t pay much attention to whether we push the door outwards or pull it towards us. However, when you try to pull a door inwards and notice that there isn’t enough space in the room to open it comfortably, it becomes evident that something isn’t right. Inswing and outswing doors are a subtle, yet important, detail homeowners need to consider when installing their doors. Here’s your go-to guide to make the right choice every time. 

All About Inswing Doors

But wait, if you pull a door from one side, you naturally have to push it from the other. So how do we consider a door inswing or outwing? It’s easy to determine if the door connects between an inside and outside space such as a front door, back door, balcony door…etc. It is clear in that case by outswing we mean a door that opens towards the outside and inswing if it opens towards the indoors. For interior doors, you’ll have to make the choice of which side of the wall gets the inswing side and which gets the outswing. And that’s what we’ll help you determine now. 

Advantages: When the door is pulled rather than pushed, you have less chance of opening it outwards and hitting someone, or something, that’s on the other side of it. Generally, inswing doors are more popular among homeowners which means there’s a greater selection available on the market. 

Disadvantages: You need to have enough space in the room that the door opens inwards with ease and without pushing you up against a wall or other furniture. Otherwise, the experience will not only be uncomfortable but your door will constantly bump into something if there isn’t sufficient space to operate. 

Best Used In: Inswing doors are a must-have for your front and back doors since they won’t become stuck to anything and keep you stuck inside. That is especially true if you live in a location with harsh winters and snowstorms. 

All About Outswing Doors

Advantages: Outswing doors are relatively more preferred in commercial properties than in homes. Why is that? In case of emergencies, outswing doors ensure that crowds won’t be pressed against doors and stuck during evacuation. On residential properties, outswing doors are favored for their ability to withstand strong winds better than inswing doors. If you live in an area where there is more wind than snow, then outswing doors for the entryway are a better choice. 

Disadvantages: They aren’t optimal for exterior doorways that open up to the garden, patio, or front lawn because something could block your way out. That is especially the case if you live in a location with a lot of snow. 

Best Used Rooms: Outswing doors are great for interior doorways that open up to the hallway. You maximize the room inside the room as the door opens into the empty hall with ease. 

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