Steel vs. Wood: Which To Pick For Your Doors

Steel and wood are durable and reliable materials to consider when choosing an exterior front door which is why they are some of the most popular choices. Thinking of renovating your front door or want to pick one out for a new property? We’ll help make your decision easier with a detailed look at both options. 

Cost Comparison

Steel doors are hefty and thick, but they cost less than wood doors surprisingly. A wood door can cost you anywhere from 3-4 times more than a steel door. It also varies on the type of wood you choose for the door. Softwood doors are at the cost efficient end of the spectrum while hardwood doors or solid oak doors may range up to $5,000. A standard steel door may be equivalent in price to an affordable wood door. The price of wood doors spike up due to the fact that these doors are completely natural and include customized, intricate woodwork to prepare. 

Style and Variety

Opting for either steel or wood doors doesn’t mean your only choices are straight slabs of wood or steel. You can find a variety of different styles in the market. With both steel and wood doors, they can have glass elements on the door ranging from accent pieces to large segments. This impacts the price depending on the intricacy of the glass design, type of glass used, and whether or not it is a custom order. 

In terms of specific exterior style, wooden doors suit perfectly for many styles ranging from traditional to farmhouse and colonial. A four or six-paned door is among one of the most classic wooden door styles around. Steel doors on the other hand have a much more robust look and match better with contemporary style homes. It’s best to review both options side by side to determine which matches your space most.

Security and Durability

There is a lot of pressure on entry doors to provide security for the entire house, not only from intruders but from natural elements such as rain and wind. How steel and wood perform in terms of security and durability is another important consideration for renovators. 

Wood — the biggest flaw in some wood doors is they are prone to warping or distorting from external factors such extreme shifts in temperatures or direct rainfall. For this reason, it’s recommended that wooden doors are installed as an entry door when there is a cover above it and they are as far from direct contact with rain or snow as possible. In terms of security, wooden doors are also easier to break compared to steel doors. The severity of both of these issues can be decreased if you opt for a thicker, better quality wooden door instead of shopping at the lower end of the price range. 

Steel — these doors are considered as relatively more secure and durable thanks to the material itself. It is uncommon for steel doors to distort or carry damage from external factors. They shut tight against the entryway and keep outside heat or cold from spilling in and vice versa. The cons of steel doors are their tendency to rust and dent over time, which can be an inconvenience. 

Summing Up

Both wood and steel are top choices when it comes to front doors, but they are not similar in the slightest. Both shine with their own features in terms of design and overall functionality. Our overall verdict is to opt for steel doors for contemporary homes or when you want a durable door on a budget. If you have a higher budget to splurge on high quality wooden doors, then certainly go for it! 

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