Your Go-To Guide for Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors certainly transform your front door into a statement piece. They are durable, unique, and come in a variety of designs. Depending on the style that you choose, your wrought iron door can look more elegant or you can choose to go in more of the medieval style direction as well. If you’re considering wrought iron doors for your entryway, here is everything you need to know before shopping.

What is Wrought Iron?

Iron, cast iron, wrought iron, aren’t they all the same? Many will believe so, but there is a clear-cut difference between wrought iron and other types of iron. Wrought iron has a low carbon content and it is heated and then worked on with tools to form. Cast iron, on the other hand, is melted and then moulded into a different shape. Wrought iron is a very durable metal which is why it is favoured in construction and manufacturing. 

Pricing and Budget

One reason you don’t see a lot of wrought iron doors on entryways or maybe only see them on larger houses is the price point. High-quality wrought iron doors can easily require a budget of 5-10 thousand dollars or more. You will be able to find wrought iron doors on the lower end of the price spectrum at around 2,000 dollars as well, but they may be more limited in options than the rest. It all depends on if you are opting for double or single doors, along with how complex the design of the iron rods is. 

Natural Lighting

If you decide to go for wrought iron doors for the entryway, natural lighting comes as a bonus. Wrought iron sounds heavy, but the majority of these doors have a glass element that can either be tinted or transparent. This feature allows you to soak in the warm sun rays through your entryway. You won’t need additional sidelights or transoms to receive that same natural light, but you can still include them in the design if you want a large entryway door.

Specific Style

Wrought iron doors are dark, robust, and attention-grabbing which is why it’s important to consider the style of your home before ordering one. Contrary to popular belief, wrought iron doors can be flexible with the overall exterior design of the house. For example, for more modern and contemporary homes, you can find wrought iron doors with geometrical designs to fit better. Or you can order a door on the other end of the spectrum that has a lot of intricate metalwork which works great for Tudor and French Renaissance-style homes. However, they may clash too much with more traditional exterior styles like colonial, midcentury modern, or farmhouse. Consult with the door providers or a designer if you’re unsure about how well it will match the style of your house. 

Security is a Priority

Many people love the look and feel of glass front doors, but then go to additional lengths to add bars, gates, or screens on top of it for security. A wrought iron door is essentially a fusion of these two elements so you get the best of both worlds. You receive the delicacy and luxury look of a glass door combined with the security from the iron. The intricate design of the iron against the glass leaves small room for burglars to be able to break into your home by damaging the glass. This increases your home security without the additional cost associated with installing a screen door. 

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